Arm亚洲创新巡游 呼叫所有创新者

Arm亚洲创新巡游 呼叫所有创新者

posted on:2018/5/11 3:52:31

Arm亚洲创新巡游 呼叫所有创新者

Join Arm and Hackster this June as we search for the best innovators in Asia!


The events will feature keynote speeches from global industry experts and talks by Arm's Silicon and Cloud partners about their technologies and opportunities for innovators in the region. We'll then turn the tables and give the stage to you! We want to hear about ideas, projects and products you've built using Arm technologies. 

这一系列活动将为您带来由国际科技领域有影响力的专家演讲,芯片商和云技术合作伙伴的洽谈和交流。 通过参加本次活动内容,您能知道如何有效得利用Arm资源和Hackster平台。活动还将展示由当地创客带来的项目,概念和产品。想展示的朋友们可以通过以下链接注册和提交您的项目!


The schedule of this Arm Asia tour is as the follows (click the following pictures to register for events in respective cities):


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