Arduino Day 2020柴火线上直播分享会

Arduino Day 2020柴火线上直播分享会
2020/3/21 15:00:00

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Arduino has been an undeniable force that has been powering the Maker Movement and the DIY electronics community for over a decade now. Countless projects and builts have an Arduino at their heart. This year, we will have a special Arduino Day 2020 through live streaming with Chaihuo x.factory on March 21st as no-offline-gathering support to fight the 2019 novel coronavirus.
自Arduino成立以来,它对全球创客运动和DIY电子社区建立的推动和贡献,用丰功伟绩来形容都不算夸张。依托这个小小的单片机,无数精彩的项目得以诞生面世。今年,我们将会以一个特别的形式,发起线上直播Arduino Day活动(云上相聚,一起抗疫),面向国内广大Arduino用户,做一个线上交流。

For those who are not familiar with the Arduino Day yet, a brief intro might help. “It is a worldwide celebration of Arduino’s birthday. It’s a 24-hour-long event—organized by both the community and Arduino team—where those interested in Arduino get together, share their experiences, and learn more about the platform. Participation is open to anyone, either as an organizer or participant, from makers and students to professional developers and educators.”
Arduino Day是一个庆祝Arduino生日的全球性庆典,时长通常为24小时,由全球社区或者Arduino官方团队发起举办。活动对所有人开放,旨在将不同背景的人们(自造者、学生、专业开发者、教育者等等)聚集在一起,分享他们基于Arduino创作的开发经验,碰撞出更多的火花。

So all jesting apart, we’ll curate an online Arduino Day with sessions of Talk, Project Sharing and Q&A at 15:00 on March 21st to celebrate the big day of the maker community. But it will be all online, with a live streaming platform call Bilibli, click the link to join us on the cloud to celebrate the Arduino Day 2020:
言归正传,今年我们会在3月21日15:00发起Arduino Day主题线上直播活动,活动会将会包括主题演讲、项目分享、Q&A等环节,希望国内更多Arduino玩家都能齐聚线上,一起为Arduino庆生。点击此处加入我们的直播哟:

For the live streaming celebration, we'll have Felix Ma, an Arduino Maker & expert who has been making Arduino-powered projects since his tinkering journey began back in 2013. He will take about Introduction to Arduino, The Top 10 Arduino-Powered Projects in 2019 and his making with Arduino, followed by a Q&A section and a give-away. Yes, we'll give away 3 Arduino compatible gadgets sponsored by Seeed Studio. 


  • Speaker: Felix Ma 分享者:马宇飞

    • Fab Academy毕业(2017)
    • Fab Academy导师(2017~2019)
    • 深圳大学创业园讲师(2017~2018)
    • 深圳大学电子科学与技术专业毕业(2014)
    • 深大手创坊培训讲师
    • 全球创客马拉松第一名(2013)
    • 深大创客创始人(2013)

Event Details
Time: 15:00-16:30, March 21st, 2020
Place: Online Livestreaming with Bilibili
Organizer: Chaihuo x.factory

No matter you are an Arduino hobbyist, an IoT developer, or an R&D engineer who uses Arduino or related products in developing your products, a startup who expects to launch a crowdfunding campaign, or purely interested in the maker/startup/tech community, join us in the Arduino Day 2020 with Chaihuo x.factory! 
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