What is x.factory?


Situated in the heart of Shenzhen, x.factory is a new maker hub that provides a prototyping workshop with production-level equipment, co-working space and consulting services and helps to link makers to Shenzhen’s vast manufacturing resources.


We’d like to think of x.factory as an “open factory.” It is open because the open source spirit is one of the things we value most in our space. Also, our production-level machines which are usually inaccessible to public are open to members who need them to build their products or create their artworks. And finally, we want to build an open and inclusive community in which people from different backgrounds can come and innovate together.


x.factory is operated by Chaihuo Makerspace, Shenzhen’s first and leading makerspace since 2011, and closely partnered with Seeed Studio, a Shenzhen-based company with open hardware products and small batch production capabilities that has served the global maker community since 2008.




Who is x.factory for?


x.factory welcomes anyone with a hardware idea that they want to turn into reality, from engineers, designers to architects and artists. It is great for those who wish to utilize Shenzhen’s incomparable supply chain and are looking for a local home base as a starting point to develop their product in various industries from smart device to intelligent buildings. At x.factory, you can:


· Create prototype with production-compatible machines and equipment

· Gain manufacturing consultation and access to Shenzhen’s supply chain

· Meet and work with local and international maker communities

· Collaborate with Chinese industries for product and market expansion

· And more….




How you can participate?


x.factory offers memberships and residency programs to makers who are interested in working in our “open factory” while exploring Shenzhen’s resources and network. We’ll be launching in October and will have more information for you soon. Please fill the simple questionnaire below to receive details about how you can join us at x.factory, or email us at xfactory@chaihuo.org.


We’ll see you in Shenzhen.

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