Rewant Prakash


Rewant Prakash(子阳)在印度长大,现在就读于上海纽约大学,主修互动媒体艺术、辅修政治学。他之前参与制作了一些投影映射艺术项目;他在德国柏林的纽约大学学习的那个学期,由于受“移民危机”的启发,他开始使用交互工具分析政治,并让更多普通人能够了解到这些数据。在美国纽约大学就读期间,他开始对辅助技术产生了浓厚的兴趣,现在他是柴火的驻场会员,主要是使用辅助技术为有心理疾病(如注意缺陷障碍、强迫症、焦虑)的人提供一些帮助。

Rewant Prakash grew up in India, but moved to Shanghai for his undergraduate degree at New York University Shanghai. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Arts and minoring in Political Studies. Previously, he was very involved in doing projection-mapping projects, but during his semester abroad in Berlin (Germany), Rewant was inspired by the Migrant Crisis and was using interactive tools to analyze politics and reach out more to the common people.  While studying abroad at NYU New York, he got interested in Assistive Technology and is now working as a Maker-in- Residence on creating assistive technology for people with mental disorder (such as ADD, OCD, Anxiety etc).