Juanjo Tara


Juanjo Tara来自西班牙,曾在马德里和挪威奥斯陆学习计算机系统工程。在Arduino.cc工作三年之后,他建立了第一个应用了植入芯片的生物支付平台(biopaydev.com),这个平台被世界各大新闻网站争相报道。作为瑞典生物创客社区Bionyfiken的成员之一,他曾在西班牙、瑞典、德国和英国等国家举办过活动、做过工作坊。Juanjo在柴火和瑞典的Makerresan (见文末注解)合作选出的一个驻场创客。在柴火驻场期间,他在开发制作一个新的可植入设备,这个设备也是他的新项目Disruptive(www.dsruptive.com) 的一部分。 

 Juanjo is from Spain. He studied Computer Systems Engineering in Madrid and Oslo(Norway). After working 3 years with Arduino.cc, he decided to create the first bio-payment platform(biopaydev.com) using an implanted chip, covered in news sites all over the globe. As part of the Bionyfiken (Swedish biohacking community) He travels to different countries (Spain,Sweden,Germany,UK) leading workshops and events to enhance the human body. Juanjo is the 1st maker in residence selected from the joint efforts of Makerresan and Chaihuo Maker Space. During his residency at Chaihuo, Juanjo is creating and developing a new implantable device as part of his new project called Dsruptive (www.dsruptive.com).