Alexey Zaytsev

Alexey Zaytsev:Linux开发、分子生物学
Linux Developer/Molecular Biology

Alexey 出生于莫斯科,在圣彼得堡大学学习计算机安全专业,毕业后在通信和嵌入式系统领域从事Linux开发工作。之后,他移居乌克兰。当他开始觉得计算机编程有些无聊的时候,他通过慕课学院(MOOC,大规模开放式在线课程)学习生物学,并前往法国开启硕士生涯,研究分子生物学。在法国期间,他参与高中生现代科学教育项目,并意识到为教育提供价格实惠的实验室工具与器材是非常重要也是很有必要的。这就是他来深圳的原因之一。通过与柴火的合作,他希望可以改进设计、制作出一系列价格实惠的开源分子生物学实验室工具,以后也会考虑在中国成立一个公司,把自己的项目投入生产。
Born in Moscow, Alexey Zaytsev studied computer security in Saint-Petersburg and worked as a Linux kernel developer on telecommunication and embedded systems, later moving to Kiev, Ukraine. When he felt like computer programming is becoming a bit boring, he studied biology through MOOCs, and enrolled in a masters program to study molecular biology in France. During my stay, he became involved in modern science education for high-school students, and realized the need for affordable laboratory equipment in education. Which brings me to Shenzhen. With the help from Chaihuo, he hopes to refine the designs for a line of affordable open-source molecular biology lab tools, and starts a company to mass-produce it in China.