东莞柴火创客空间内测启幕/东莞工厂High Tour全纪录



After a tremendous weekend at the Maker Faire Shenzhen 2018, we unveiled our new maker space - Chaihuo x.factory Dongguan and hosted its very first event with some lucky adventurers, exploring the future of manufacturing for the maker community!


Chaihuo x.factory Dongguan is situated at Vanke 1835 Creative Commune, with the approach to open up Dongguan’s manufacturing resources, lowering the manufacturing barriers for the maker community!


Chaihuo x.factory Dongguan at Vanke 1835 Creative Commune

此次东莞柴火创客空间的首次内测活动,我们邀请了15位国际创客社区的伙伴参与。先简单介绍下一些随行的小伙伴。Roni, 一位22岁来自以色列的创客,设计了智能狗狗拾便器和智能猫玩具,这两个项目在今年的深圳制汇节中展示,广受好评,也对深圳市副市长王立新进行展示。 Hideo,一位来自日本的创客,旨在创造支持简单生活、发挥人类能力的设备,设计了人力脱水机和移动棉纺车轮等项目。

The tour was the first sneak peek of Chaihuo x.factory Dongguan and only 15 people were able to participate. Let me introduce some of the participants of this trip. Roni, a 22 year-oldmaker from Israel, who has made a smart dog plastic bag dispenser and a smart cat toy. Hideo, a Japanese maker who creates equipment that supports simple life and human ability, with his lab named Human Tech Lab. This shows that makers from different background are already looking forward to the new branch of Chaihuo x.factory Dongguan!


Roni (Left) and Hideo (Right) showcasing their projects


To make sure the participants get a comprehensive understanding of this new space and the manufacturing ecosystem of Dongguan City, we’ve prepared a forum about Smart City and Manufacturing. We’ve invited to Alex Qian, the Director of Urban Research Institute of China Vanke Co., Ltd. to talk about how Dongguan as a city is evolving and the Head of Engineering at Dongguan Vanke, Shikui Liu to talk about how technologies are developing in construction.  


During the Smart manufacturing forum, our founder Eric gave a talk about the mission of Chaihuo x.factory and how and why Maker culture will be an important part of the development. He also proposed the idea of Open Source Manufacturing in Dongguan, which will make Dongguan’s manufacturing resources more accessible to makers!



Eric reviewing the mission of Chaihuo x.factory Dongguan & join panel discussion with Alex Qian and Shikui Liu


Apart from the forum, there are also tours. We organized a trip to visit a current construction project by Vanke showcasing how technologies are also being developed and deployed in construction sites., where there is a VR experience center and people can experience some of the construction accidents.


Visiting the current construction project by Vanke


For the last part of the tour, we organized a visit to one of the fully automatic factories in Dongguan, Janus Precision Components. The factory uses robotic arms and automated guided vehicles to replace the work that used to be done manually, giving us a glimpse of the future of manufacturing.


Visiting Janus Dongguan Precision Components Fully Automatic factory

东莞柴火创客空间,是继柴火在深圳、河北之后的,另一个对科技结合在地产业探索的平台。借助东莞得天独厚的地理位置和雄厚的制造资源,致力于帮助创新者实现从原型打造到小批量生产,甚至大批量生产的完整生态链。目前,东莞柴火创客空间的驻场会员也在火热招募中,只要你是专业创客Maker Pros,有一技之长,并且又在做的项目,对原型打造走向小批量生产有需求,那么你就赶紧来吧!

Chaihuo x.factory Dongguan is the next landmark after Shenzhen and Hebei, with its unique location and strong manufacturing resources; it can help you to go from prototypes to batch production or even mass production. So, if you are start-ups or doing a project that needs more support for manufacturing, join us at the new branch of Chaihuo x.factory in Dongguan! What’s more, if your products/solutions can cooperate and add values to the manufacturing industry and you’d like to tap into the China ecosystem, let us know and we’d like to help connect you with the local resources in Dongguan, to explore future collaborations!


For more information, please email us at: anson.he@chaihuo.org


Group photograph at the end of the tour