Fantasic news from Chaihuo members- Jags and his project has been selected into

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Huge news! Our members Jags and his project has been selected into the Cyberport Incubation Program, with HK$500,000 financial support.


Jags joined Chaihuo x.factory Shenzhen in June 2018, and then his son Sunder & his daughther-in-law also joined as members later too (Yes, they are running a family business). Sunder founded a startup Revsmart ( registered in Hong Kong, with the father Jags as the head of Product Development.


All startups aim to make their users’ life easier, but it’s more powerful when it can address important issues like safety as well. Jags’ startup, Revsmart which specializes in developing smart communications wearable headset  called Headsup does just that, as the idea behind the audio device–which is attachable to any helmet–stemmed from Sunder Jagannathan’s own experience as a motorcycle rider.


The headset powered by the world smallest speaker PIEZO CERAMIC, Google AI and Assistant could help motorcyclists access to voice cha, group chat, navigation, music as well as communication through the bone conduction technology.


The wearable can be applied to any helmet in the market making it a smart communicator. The family joined in x.factory to develop their first prototype and to get connected to the manufacturing ecosystem in Shenzhen, and now they already have an engineering sample ready for the first stage production. Also, they’re working on customizing a ReSpeaker from Seeed Studio into a GoogleBot Assistant, which will be a pilot upgrade for the headset of the Headsup. Since they’re using the Raspberry Pi to do the custom support for the project, the size is way too big for a wearable headset. So they are also putting efforts in getting a replace module. What a productive team.


It’s always adorable to see a family work together for a shared goal. We’re super happy for this lovely family for what they’ve accomplished. And we’re also proud that x.factory has helped to bring their idea into the first prototype. If you’re thinking making your creativeness into a real project and even to the market, welcome to join in us at x.factory to access to the facilities and interface for manufacturing. Apply for a membership and learn more details, click here.


P.S. If you’re interested in getting more detailed story of this lovely family business, here is an interview by


Sunder, CEO and Founder of Revsmart Technologies. "We’re building this product that attaches on any helmet and produces sound using vibrations. The vibrations are transmitted through the shell of the helmet, which allows riders to listen to communication, navigation, and music without compromising on safety. This is an issue for many riders because it’s quite irritating to use headphones. We wanted to solve this problem and provide an audio experience you have in cars to riders or even sports enthusiasts. It’s been great being at the fair because we’ve heard a lot of amazing feedback. We were surprised ourselves to hear about where this product could go. For example, some people wanted to use this for bicycles, some people wanted to use this for skiing, so it’s been quite exciting for us. Also, this device can be used as a tabletop speaker, too.Our head of product development is my Dad. He has over 25 years of experience in design and development. I handle business development and operations, my wife helps with design and development. We have a separate team that helps with mobile app development and software support. My Mom is also involved in team activities and operations."