建筑师不能错过的活动:MIT数字制造与智慧城市分享会 Digital Fabrication & Smart City

  • 2018/07/13 07:30 PM
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  • 柴火造物中心(南山区打石二路万科云设计公社B608)



Nowadays, our society has been shaped by many different elements. Have you been wondering how all these elements interact with each other and at the same time shape our understanding of the society? 


Photo Credit: Multimer

On July 13th, we’ll invite Arlene Ducao (educator at MIT & NUY, CEO of Multimer) to x.factory, to share with us about how changes in digital fabrication cost and culture are changing our understanding of populations and environments. 



Arlene’s talk with consist of two main areas of research she teaches at New York University: 

  1. an examination of how globalization, the rise of maker culture, and falling costs have changed the face of digital fabrication in China and the United States.

  2. a reflection on how maker culture and falling costs have made the technologies of crowdsourcing, wearable sensors, and citizen science all viable concepts for the (re)development of new places, both indoor, outdoor, and in virtual reality.

Besides, she will also talk about her MIT-spinoff Multimer has worked with the opportunities and challenges of the quantified self in the smart city.

Photo Credit: Multimer


  1. 对全球化的剖析:创客文化发展、成本降低等因素将如何影响中国和美国的数字制造领域。

  2. 反思:创客文化以及成本降低如何使科技众包、可穿戴传感器和公民科学等概念变得可行,并能应用于室内外环境的改造以及虚拟现实中。


Photo Credit: Multimer

Multimer, an MIT Media Lab spinoff based in New York City provides a data-driven understanding of how humans cognitively and physically experience spatial environments. Through its advanced technologies that measure biometric data to quantify human sentiment, Multimer helps architects, urban planners, and space professionals make better design interventions.


多聚体是⼀家位于纽约市的MIT媒体实验室分⽴公司,提供了数据驱动的理解,即⼈类如何认知和体验空间环境。通过它的测量⽣物识别数据来量化⼈类情绪的先进 技术,多聚体帮助建筑师,城市规划⼈员,和空间规划的专业⼈⼠进⾏更好的设计⼲预。


 MindRider 智能可穿戴

Originally developed at MIT, MindRider is a helmet that tracks, in real time, how your rides, movement, and location engage your mind. The MindRider app maps your engagement, giving you new insight into your riding experience, and providing a unique resource for riding communities and street advocacy.


MindRider Prototype; MindRider 项目原型

MindRider Wearers and City Data

 Speaker 演讲嘉宾 

Arlene Ducao, creative engineer, entrepreneur, and educator


Arlene Ducao makes technologies that examine the relationship between the natural landscape, our built environments, and ourselves. She is a Principal at the DuKode Studio, a scientific and environmental design firm in Brooklyn, and the CEO and co-founder of Dukode's affiliate company Multimer, a spinoff from MIT Media Lab. At Multimer, she developed her invention MindRider, the geospatial brainwave-mapping system profiled in WIRED, New York Times, Discovery Channel, MSNBC, Fast Company, Science Channel, and many more. 


Arlene is also a recipient of the South by Southwest Winburne Community Service Award for her work on satellite mapping in Indonesia and Kenya, she teaches at NYU and MIT, where she presents a range of topics, from multidimensional data visualization to digital fabrication and its cultural underpinnings. She is also active as an organizer-advocate in the Working Families Party and FUREE (Families United for Racial and Economic Equality). Arlene Ducao holds degrees from UMD, SVA, and MIT.

杜卡阿琳也曾因为她在印度尼西亚和肯尼亚的卫星测图方面的突出贡献而获得全球最大艺术节西南偏南SXSW颁发的Winburne Community Service Award奖项,她在纽约大学和麻省理工学院执教,所教授的内容非常广泛,包括多维视觉可视化、数字制造以及其背后的文化基础。杜卡阿琳也是种族平等和经济平等的积极倡导者和相关活动的组织者。她拥有马里兰大学、纽约视觉艺术学院和麻省理工学院的的学位证书。

 活动详情 Event Info 

时间:2018年7月13日(星期五)19:30 - 21:30


Time: 19:30 - 21:30, July 13th (Friday)

Location: Chaihuo x.factory (B608, Design Commune, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen)