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  • 2017/10/15 04:00 PM
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This year is the 10th anniversary of Noisebridge, and it is the 7th Hacker Trip To China organized by Mitch. In the previous year's’ trip, the hackers visited hackerspaces, universities, and manufacturers in cities such as Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, Hangzhou & Zhengzhou etc.

And this year’s HTTC is back. They will be coming to Shenzhen from October 11th to 16th.  Here comes the good news: they will be at the x.factory and inviting everyone to a Bring-A-Hack event!  Everyone is welcome! On this Bring-A-Hack event, we’ll have the following content:
(1) Co-Founder of Noisebridge Mitch Altman to share with us about the story of Noisebridge, its growth/development in the past 10 years etc.

(2) Bring-A-Hack session: HTTC members share their projects, and everyone is welcome to show & share your projects

(3) Miggle & Social

The Hacker Trip To China is a diverse group of people from hackerspaces around the world, all of whom do things they are passionate about. They have lots of very cool projects to show.

Here are some of the hackers you will meet during the event:

Mitch Altman (San Francisco, USA)

Co‐Founder @ Noisebridge Hackerspace

President and CEO @Cornfield Electronics


hackerspaces/open source hardware

Ed Buckley (San Francisco, USA)


acting /cooperative learning/teaching/stressing cooperative learning /group projects.

Elle Oltman

Interaction Design @California College of the Arts

Eric Boyd (Ontario, Canada)

Founder @ Sensebridge

engineering/high tech startup/designing/

Quantified Self/DIYbio/Community Gardening/Machine Learning/Green Investing/New Space

Felix Klee (Berlin, Germany)

Inventor of the Reality Builder


Berlin maker spaces Fab Lab/Happylab/Spektrum.


Dreams of a spacious outdoor maker space for experiments with architecture.

Gary Hatfield (Los Angeles, USA)

searches out/brainstorms solutions

highly visually oriented/computer graphics/user interfaces/user experience.

fascinated by the small single board micros like the ESP family and other ARM based systems.

Hari Chakkattumukkil (Bangalore, India)

HasGeek/tech conferences & workshops

code/optimising computer vision algorithms for ARM chipsets.

HillHacks in Himalayas and HackBeach in Kerala

Jan Marloth (Munich, Germany)

mechanical engineer

"translator" between financial investors and those "who do the real work".

organisational culture in companies, families, or makerspaces.

Jonas Karlsson 大鱼 (Sydney & Hong Kong)

was one of the co‐founders of Noisebridge

helped nourishing the scene of hacker space in Sydney

Google Wave / scalability of databases

building a portable home computer out of ESP8266. (Wrote esp‐lisp for it).

coded a new programming language: .

Krzysztof Stasiak (Poland)

freelance jobs/electronic hardware design, assembly and prototypes

Currently working on a super weird arcade‐like machine

Mark Hellar (San Francisco, USA)

technology consultant for cultural institutions / owner of Hellar Studios LLC.

new media conservation initiatives at SFMoMA, MoMA and the Solomon Guggenheim Museum

teaches classes on electronic engineering for artists at the Gray Area art and Technology Center and Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Michal Gajda (Warsaw, Poland)

Chaos in Gö/HackerSpace.SG/HackerSpace.PL.   / Founder of Migamake Pte Ltd

Noah O'Donoghue (Australia)

IT Professional / electronics enthusiast/hacker tourist in Asia/Love all things tech

Noah Swartz (San Francisco, USA)

Staff Technologist on the Tech Projects team.

software/security/training/internet security & privacy/researcher at MIT Media Lab /free software/culture advocate. /avid conference organize

has organized events: Roguelike Celebration / LineConf/the Stupid Shit That Nobody Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon

The Bring-A-Hack event is an opportunity for you, and everyone, to bring your projects, whatever they may be.  Do you have an art project?  Or a science project?  An electronics project? A fun project?  It is OK if it is a simple beginner's project Or a sophisticated project.  Whatever it is you are playing with or working on, finished, or in progress -- please come and share it! Inspire, and be inspired.

Don't have a project?  You are still invited!  Everyone is welcome to come!  Come and see what other's projects are.  Everyone at the Bring-A-Hack event is very happy to share what they do.

Event Details:
Time: 16:00 ~ 18:00, October 15th (Sunday)

Place: Chaihuo x.factory
          B608, Design Commune, Vanke Cloud City, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District