Abi 聚会| 如何自己制作以太坊的智能合约 How to Write Smart Contract

  • 2018/05/30 07:30 PM
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  • 柴火造物中心(南山区打石二路万科云设计公社B608)




Two years ago creating apps on the ETH network was a painfully slow process. Without any testing frameworks or dependency management tools development was a horrendous task. The situation today is completely different, there has never been a better time to start writing Dapps!

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At this month's Abi meetup we will set up a development environment while writing, debugging, and testing a decentralized app on the ETH blockchain.

你不需要带你的笔记本电脑。但是如果你要跟着学习,请先安装Node.js和geth* (https://geth.ethereum.org/downloads)。如果你安装geth,你不要与ETH网络同步(同步需要超过30GB硬盘空间)! 我们会用一个测试ETH网络,所以你不要与ETH网络同步!

Bringing your laptop is not required, but if you want to follow along, please install Node.js and geth (https://geth.ethereum.org/downloads). If you install geth you don't need to sync with the ETH network (this will use more than 30GB of hard drive space)! We will use a test ETH network so you don't need to sync!



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Antoine, from the US, is an Ethereum enthusiast, with more than 2 years of experience in developing dapps. He came to Shenzhen to learn Chinese and work on open source projects.


 Event Info 

时间:2018年5月30日(星期三),19:30 - 21:30


Time: 19:30 - 21:30, May 30th (Wednesday), 2018

Place: Chaihuo x.factory (B608, Design Commune, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen)

场地指引地图 Map to guide you to the venue of the meetup