SDG分享会 | 未来教育&医疗健康 SDG Meetup | Future Learning and Healthcare

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  • 2019/01/18 07:30 PM
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  • 柴火造物中心(南山区打石二路万科云设计公社B608)


In the first month of 2019, January 18th, to be specific, we are happy to host a new session of sharing about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) at Chaihuo x.factory. This time, the participants of the Tsinghua Open FIESTA Winter Camp will be presenting their projects, sharing about the concepts, the projects, the functionality, application scenarios etc. based on real-world observation and research. Besides, they will be sharing with us their experience in the process of learning by doing!

This year's Open FIESTA Winter Camp will be focusing on #3 & #4 SDGs. By connecting the cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, open hardware, internet of things, VR etc and taking advantage of Shenzhen innovation ecology, the participants will tackle the challenges in healthcare and the future of education through learning by doing, collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches.      


Welcome to join us on January 18th (Yes Tomorrow), to explore the future world of learning and healthcare with the Tsinghua Open FIESTA Winter Camp participants! 

Now let’s get a glimpse of the projects which will be shown at tomorrow evening’s meetup.

Project: Birdbox

(团队成员 Team Members: Liu Wenlong, Liu Jintao, Antonio, Zhao Lina, Shan Qinglan)



What can a box contain? A book? a set of rulers? a box of pens? Or maybe a couple of crayfish? No, not in the Birdbox! The Birdbox is a project aims at bridging the education between urban and rural areas. It contains interactive educational tools, through which the students can get hands-on, interactive, immersive experience and learn new knowledge and skills in the DIY process. And by exchanging the boxes between students in the urban and rural areas, the knowledge and mindsets will be exchanged and shared as well.

Project: De-pollution

(团队成员 Team Members:Tan Shiyun, He Yunjia, Yu Donglin, Sun Xiaoting, Luo Shuqin)

城市的空气污染正影响着我们的教育!研究发现,不良的空气质量对学生的学习效果有负面影响。De-pollution项目致力于监测城市校园的空气污染(如pm2.5) 通过在校园中安装经济型空气污染监测器,可实时监控学校及周边空气污染数据,相比官方大区域的平均数据更为精确。小小传感器亦有更深远的教育意义。教师与学生通过参与学习与监测可加深对空气污染的了解,并根据不同的污染情况采取不同的行动,从而减轻对健康的损害。通过在线的公开数据平台,城市公众和治理者从教育的视角了解市内空气污染实时现状,能够更好地关心我们的环境与教育。

City air pollution is affecting our next-gen’s education! Research shows that poor air quality is diminishing students’ learning performance. De-pollution team is working on a project to help schools monitor their air pollution (pm2.5 etc). By deploying affordable and simple air pollution sensors in schools, schools can have localized and real-time air pollution data of their own rather the macro-regional average data from the government authorities. By educating teachers and students through this process, they learn more and care more about the air they breathe in, they learn to adjust the behaviors that protect themselves from air pollutions. By having school air pollution data gather and available online, city governors and the general public can have better approaches to care about their air pollution and their education.

Project: Textile Recycling


This team is planning to work on textile recycling. Once the textiles are accepted by donors in a community, it’d be taken to box-like storage where they are sorted and classified into different categories. After it gets recycled, it would be used as wiping rags or shredded for low-grade fiber products such as insulation. 

Project: Data Sharing System

(团队成员 Team Members: Brendon, Million, Amal, and Peggy)


As we all know, sharing and exchanging data is an important prerequisite for inter-laboratory research. Without sufficient data, you won't be able to prepare the precautions for potential problems during the experiment, nor can you rapidly pinpoint reasons for failures afterward. This leads to unnecessarily repeated experiments. Based on different experiments, the team establishes a Database System for recycling scientific experiment error data. It will help reduce experiment errors, lower costs and reduce wastes and pollution. That can provide the users with more helpful and useful information, thus it can greatly improve experimental efficiency and save resources.


Project: e-Tongue App

(团队成员 Team Member: Ivan, Cube,Xing, Zebra, Mariam)


The tongue contains special physiological information about the human body. For example, the tip of the tongue reveals the heart and lung conditions whereas the middle tongue discloses the conditions of the spleen and stomach and the back end of the Tongue reveals the kidney, bladder, and intestines. To determine a patient’s condition, Chinese (or more broadly, Oriental) doctors have a normalized examination on the color, wetness,  coarseness, and shape of the tongue. There have been various clinical studies to establish the correlations between the condition of tongues and different stages of major illnesses, in particular, different types of cancer. The goal for an automated tongue- analysis system is to assist the super busy individuals to get an early insight of their health status, hence they need of our e-Tongue App.

Project: Smart Wear


Smart Wear is a kind of auto-regulate temperature clothes which is designed for coping with not ideal temperature environment such as people who work under the alternate cooling and heating environment. The smart wear has the function of warm-up and cool-down, which is better than existing products. It senses and keeps a constant temperature to help people feel more comfortable.


Meetup Details 

时间:2019年1月18日(周五),19:30 - 21:00


Time: 19:30-21:00, January 18th (Friday), 2019

Place: Chaihuo x.factory, B608, Design Commune, Vanke Cloud City, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen