MIT建筑博士分享交互艺术装置 Interactive Arts & Transformational Design

  • 2018/08/21 07:30 PM
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  • 柴火造物中心(南山区打石二路万科云设计公社B608)



Today, I’d like to share a few cool projects that integrate art, design, engineering, sculpture, space and architecture.


Horizon - An Immersive Art Experience for Cadillac

《地平线》 - 为凯迪拉克设计制作的浸入式艺术体验项目

Horizon is a blending of digital space and physical space. With Texas as their inspirational roadmap, Nuñez and Rosenberg conceived Horizon, a horizontal ring with 200 Rear Camera Mirrors mounted on its outer surface. As visitors approach the living sculpture, the pulsing gradient of colors in the mirrors—evocative of the desert at dusk and dawn—intensifies. Have a look at the video above to learn more about it.

《地平线》是探索数字空间与实体空间的融合的一个作品。作品的创作者Nuñez和Daniel Rosenberg从美国德州的自然环境以及公路旅行的经历中得到灵感并开始进行构思和创作。这是一个由200个后视镜组成的圆环结构,形成一个互动的交互雕塑作品。当人们靠近这个作品的时候,后视镜里的颜色渐变,类似沙漠地平线在晨昏时节的颜色变换。可以从以上视频了解到这个作品更多的信息哟!

Maxwell’s Dream 


This is an interactive wall featuring an 8’ x 17’ semitransparent surface with 380 magnetic handles people could touch to paint with light by creating patterns of intense blue light.




DrawCode is an analog controller people can use to program the behavior of lights, motors, or speakers for their designs by drawing the code in real-time.


Want to learn more about the makers behind these projects and other projects? Good news! Next Tuesday evening, we’ll invite creator of these projects Daniel Rosenberg to x.factory, giving a talk about design, interactive art, architecture, and space. Welcome to join us! 19:30 on August 21st, mark your calendar! 

你是否也想了解这些作品背后的故事?下周二晚上,我们将邀请这些作品的创作者Daniel Rosenberg来柴火造物中心分享关于设计、交互艺术、建筑和空间的内容。欢迎参加哦!2018年8月21日晚19:30,不见不散!




Daniel was born in Israel and raised in Chile, Daniel Rosenberg is a designer, architect, and educator holding a Master and a Ph.D. in Design & Computation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). For the last two years, he has been directing an interdisciplinary design practice in Brooklyn, leading a team of designers, architects, and creative technologist from MIT Media Lab in the development of cutting-edge digital products and interactive sculptures and spaces for clients such as Target, Cartier, Google, and Cadillac.


Designer of innovative spaces, products, and tangible technologies that merge our increasingly disconnected Digital and Physical experiences. Creator of Transformational Design - a design method that combines Mindful Awareness and Human-Computer Interaction. Educator and promoter of the MIT vision-driven, interdisciplinary, and hands-on culture for R&D and design.


Event Info 


Time: 19:30 - 21:30, August 21st, 2018 (Tuesday)

Place: Chaihuo x.factory (B608, Design Commune, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen)

实践:2018年8月21日(周二)19:30 -21:30 



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