Meetup: Smart Campus Project in Aarhus University 丹麦智慧校园项目分享会

  • 2018/11/29 07:30 PM
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  • 深圳市南山区打石二路万科云设计公社B608


Since IoT technologies are emerging into our daily lives, it's really exciting to see how these technologies could turn a college into a connected smart campus where students and teachers could really feel the advances brought by technology. We’re super excited to share that Tom Collins, Researcher at Aarhus University, will have a Meetup at x.factory to share about his Aarhus University Smart Campus Project on November 29th, 2018! 

物联网技术在日常生活的运用已经非常普遍,运用物联网技术建立的智慧校园,能让师生们贴身感受科技带来的便捷性。今天跟大家分享的活动主题就会围绕丹麦奥胡斯大学的智能校园项目,该校研究员和项目负责人Tom Collins将会在11月29日光临柴火创客空间,跟大家分享智慧校园背后的故事。

As a long-established and largest comprehensive university in Denmark, Aarhus University has embarked on an exciting initiative to deploy an 'IoT sensing and perception testbed', led by Tom Collins. Using open-source hardware and a novel and dynamic approach to deploying new software services and sensing instrumentation, which enables researchers, students and local businesses to explore and understand the campus pulse. 

作为丹麦历史悠久、规模最大的综合性大学,奥胡斯大学在Tom Collins的牵头下开展了一项基于校园部署“物联网测试平台”计划,即使用开源硬件和创新的方案部署新的软件服务方案和传感器,并且让所有参与该项目的研究人员、学生和当地企业能够探索和掌握校园的最新动向。

“We will also be using many of the Seeed Grove sensors as environmental sensors in 50 of the gateways. We aim to use this to optimize the HVAC systems, improve and understand air quality in different areas and also sound and light levels which may correlate with better attention levels,” said  Tom Collins.

“在这个计划中,我们会使用Seeed Grove的产品作为将近50个网关的传感器,通过优化不同区域的空气质量,并且检测音量和光亮度等方面,用以提升采暖通风与空气调节系统的整体性能。”

讲者Tom Collins

As one of Intel Innovators, Tom is a full stack developer, service designer and IoT evangelist. He recently started a research role at Aarhus University in Denmark developing strategies for digital business model development and exploring service design methods for the adoption of novel technologies in SME’s. Tom has started several companies and supported many initiatives about IoT including,, (an IoT platform in Belgium) and

作为一名英特尔创新者,Tom也是一位全栈工程师、服务设计师和物联网传播者。 他最近在丹麦奥胡斯大学开始着手研究,研发了基于数字商业模式的发展策略,探索在中小企业中采用新技术的服务设计方法。此外,Tom目前已经拥有了几家创业公司并支持许多物联网相关的活动,包括,, (著名比利时IoT平台) 和

During the meetup, Tom will share the backstage story of the Aarhus University Smart Campus Project. He will also discuss the development of IoT technology in Denmark based on his fair experience in the IoT industry, followed by a Q&A section.


Meetup Info活动细节

Time: 19:30-21:00, November 29th (Thursday)

Place: x.factory, B608, Floor -2, Design Commune, Vanke Cloud City, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District

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