DEFCON SZ Meetup: Let's Talk about Car Hacking

  • 2018/09/27 07:30 PM
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  • 深圳市南山区打石二路万科云设计公社B608


This month, Shenzhen's DEFCON Group invites you to join us for an evening about car hacking.

Over many years, car makers have been adding automation and embedded computers to improve the performance and convenience of their products to the point where today's new car is a sophisticated computer network, featuring dozens of computers, and its own internet connection. Car makers have only recently woken to the fact they are network engineers and internet software developers and have not been prepared to build secure devices.


We have seen over the last few years many reports of how easily cars can be hacked, and the bad news is that this could get much, much worse as cars are given over to higher levels of automation.

Of course, the good news is that many car designers are re-engineering their car systems to better defend against these attacks.  


On September 27 (Thur.), join Peter Wesley at Shenzhen's own DEFCON Group at Chaihuo x.factory for a demonstration and discussion about current and new attacks we face on the roads, and how car designers can protect us better.

几个月不见,这次我们的黑客大会深圳小组聚会再次回归,就跟大家聊聊黑车Car Hacking!下周四晚(9月27日),黑客大会深圳小组聚会发起人Peter Wesley将会在柴火造物中心组织一次讨论,向大家展示全球黑客如何入侵汽车控制系统的多种方式,讨论如何加强汽车抵御黑客袭击的能力。如果你对这个话题感兴趣,就赶紧报名加入我们吧!

讲者:Peter Wesley 

Moderator of the DEFCON Group Meetup at Chaihuo 黑客大会深圳小组聚会发起人

Peter Wesley has been a technology security specialist since the birth of the web and is now working to secure China's new electric cars. 


 Meetup Info活动详情 

Time: 19:30-21:00, 2018.9.27 (Thursday)

Place: x.factory, Floor -2, Design Commune, Vanke Cloud City, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District

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Notes: English will be the communication language during the Meetup.