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  • 2017/07/28 07:30 PM
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  • 南山区打石二路万科云设计公社内



Last week we've gathered at x.factory to learn about the cool projects from the China Hardware Innovation Camp (CHIC) program, which provides a unique opportunity for students to experience the steps from idea to prototype while working in an interdisciplinary team. This program is consisted of a "regional triangle" of academic institutions (e.g., an engineering school, a design school and a business school) in Laussanne, Switzerland. And this week, we're happy to welcome a group of students from CHIP program. 


Thanks to the support of the Gebert Rüf Stiftung, it has been possible to extend the initiative to students from many different Swiss universities, hence comes CHIP - China Hardware Innovation Platform. These universities include: HEAD (Geneva University of Art and Design), HEG-FR (School of Management Fribourg), HEG-GE (Geneva High School of Management), HEIA-FR (School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg), HEPIA (High School of Landscape, Engineering and Architecture), SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland) and USI (University of Lugano). 

得益于Gebert Rüf Stiftung的支持,CHIC得以从洛桑延展到瑞士其他城市的大学,所以就有了CHIP项目。CHIP全称是China Hardware Innovation Platform,即瑞士中国硬件创新平台。参与CHIP项目的学校包括日内瓦艺术及设计学院,弗莱堡管理学院,弗里堡工程师与建筑师学院,日内瓦环境、工程和建筑学院,瑞士意大利语区高等专业学院/应用科学大学和卢加诺大学。

The objective of the China Hardware Innovation Platform (CHIP) is to make such a learning experience available to teams of students across academic institutions in Switzerland and, one day, to other universities worldwide.


And we are hosting a meetup this Friday evening to invite the CHIP participants to share their projects with us. This year's CHIP program includes 3 cool projects from 3 teams. Please see the following info for more details:



Nowadays cashless money transfers are more and more an order of the day. As a result children do not get the chance to get in touch with real money anymore. Consequently, they have a hard time understanding the actual value of money. After six months of development Team Peggy are proud to present this connected piggy bank Pɘggy, which offers children the opportunity to learn about money management in a playful way. Team Peggy believes that creating the best possible conditions for our children is worth investing time, money and of course passion.


Team Pɘggy is a multidisciplinary group composed out of 7 bachelor students from Fribourg: 来自弗莱堡不同大学、不同专业的7个大学生们组成了Peggy团队,他们是:

Bruno: Software Engineering (HEIA) 软件工程(弗莱堡工程师与建筑师学院)

Florian: Software Engineering (HEIA) 软件工程(弗莱堡工程师与建筑师学院)

Gion: Electronical Engineering (HEIA) 电子工程(弗莱堡工程师与建筑师学院)

Michael: Electronical Engineering (HEIA) 电子工程(弗莱堡工程师与建筑师学院)

Yan: Mechanical Engineering (HEIA) 机械工程(弗莱堡工程师与建筑师学院)

Nicola: Mechanical Engineering (HEIA) 机械工程(弗莱堡工程师与建筑师学院)

Anja: Business (HEG) 商务(弗莱堡管理学院)


Nowadays we live and work in many different places. We are constantly packing and unpacking bags for the office, the gym or the airport. It is stressful to keep all of your things in mind and painful to forget something. For this reason, team Geneva developed ShuQi, to make things follow you. ShuQi allows you to organize your life in packing lists and scan your bag for the most important items.


The multi-disciplinary team behind ShuQi is made up of 5 students from several backgrounds, including:


Adrien: Software Engineer (HEPIA) 软件工程师(日内瓦环境、工程和建筑学院)

Axel: Electric Engineer (HEPIA) 电子工程师(日内瓦环境、工程和建筑学院)

Julia: Interaction Designer (HEAD) 交互设计师(日内瓦艺术及设计学院)

Loïc: Product Designer (HEAD) 产品设计师(日内瓦艺术及设计学院)

Tabea: Business (HEG) 上午(日内瓦管理学院)


According to Berkeley Earth, a California-based climate research organization, air pollution is killing the entire population of cities like Shenzhen every 7 years in China. In this scenario children are especially at risk: they breath more quickly than adults and their immune system is still immature. 

根据加利福尼亚的气候研究组织Berkley Earth的数据,空气污染正在严重影响人类,每七年空气污染引起的死亡人约等于深圳总人口数。空气污染对儿童的危害尤其严重:孩子们的免疫系统还未发育成熟,他们呼吸相较于成人会更快一些。

Developed by Switzerland-based "Air Aware Team", Air-Aware monitors what children breath so that parents can take actions in response. Via Bluetooth connection, Air Aware aims to makes parents aware about their children care. 

来自瑞士的团队Air Aware研发了一款产品Air-Aware,它可以让家长检测到孩子们的呼吸状况,这也家长就可以尽快采取措施。通过蓝牙连接,Air Aware这个产品可以帮助家长关注和了解孩子的呼吸状况。

 Here is the multi-disciplinary “Air Aware Team”:


Francesco Bonfiglio: Business (SUPSI) 商务 (瑞士意大利语区高等专业学院/应用科学大学)

Fabian Frei: Designer (SUPSI) 设计师 (瑞士意大利语区高等专业学院/应用科学大学)

Alessandro Mascheroni: Software Engineer (SUPSI) 软件工程师(瑞士意大利语区高等专业学院/应用科学大学

Yang You: Hardware Engineer (USI) 硬件工程师(卢加诺大学)

Schedule 活动日程安排

19:30~19:40 intro of CHIP program by Professor Marc Laperrouza 瑞士中国硬件创新平台CHIP项目负责人Marc Laperrouza教授介绍该项目

19:40~19:50 presentation from Team Peggy 智能储蓄罐Peggy团队分享

19:50~20:15 Q&A 问答环节

20:15~20:25 presentation from Team Geneva 日内瓦团队分享智能物品管理ShuQi

20:25~20:40 Q&A 问答环节

20:40~20:50 presentation from Team Air Aware 呼吸监测Air Aware团队分享

20:50~21:05 Q&A 问答环节

21:05~21:30 Mingle 自由交流

Welcome to join us for this Friday evening's meetup! Come learn about interdisciplinary cooperation, about passions of making as well as the professor's and students' experience :). 


Meetup info 活动详情

Time: 19:30~21:30, July 28th (Friday), 2017

Location: x.factory, B608, Design Commune, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District