Shenzhen: China Hardware Innovation Camp 2019 Demo Session

Shenzhen: China Hardware Innovation Camp 2019 Demo Session
2019/7/17 19:30:00

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Today we are happy to welcome back CHIC - our long-time partner with a new batch of participants from Switzerland and Senegal at x.factory, to work on 8 hardware products the following two weeks.


CHIC is short for China Hardware Innovation Camp, originated from EPFL and has attracted students from universities in Laussane, Geneva, Fribourg in Switzerland to participate. This year, there is also a team from Senegal joining CHIC, and we are really excited to see the growth and evolution of CHIC every year! 

CHIC中国硬件创新营, 是由EPFL(洛桑联邦理工学院)发起的一个针对大学生的创新营项目, 每年吸引了不少来自瑞士洛桑、日内瓦、弗里堡等多所大学学生来参加。今年,CHIC也有了来自塞内加尔的团队。今年是柴火为CHIC项目提供在地支持服务的第五年,每年看着CHIC的成长和发展,我们都由衷地感到高兴!

If you haven't heard of CHIC yet, you should definitely come join the CHIC demo session at Chaihuo x.factory in the evening of July 17th. For those who have joined CHIC meetups in the previous years, you know it's a must-join event! :) Mark your calendar. Come meet CHIC at x.factory at 19:30 ~ 21:30 on July 17th (Wednesday). 

若你还不太了解CHIC的话,那你绝对不能错过7月17日晚上在深圳柴火创客空间举办的CHIC成果项目演示会。以往参加过CHIC成果项目演示活动的小伙伴们,你们应该都知道学生们的项目是多么精彩! 7月17日19:30 ~ 21:30我们不见不散!

Without further ado, let's have a look at the products CHIC participants are making this year!



Akane is an artificial plant that reacts to noise. It will be used in classrooms. When the class is too noisy, the plant closes itself and gives feedback to children for them to self regulate the sound level of the class.



Caring is a secure, trusted and simple communication platform for better healthcare. It enables the patients to precise their requests in order to help the medical staff anticipate their needs better and to split the tasks between nurses and medical assistants. Furthermore, the hospital management can analyze the data of the calls to optimize the efficiency of the work.



HapStick is more than a pair of sticks, it provides a connected recovery experience. It takes control over your recovery, making the partial weight bearing process easier, faster and less stressful for the patient and the physiotherapists. It also tracks patient's activity and improves the patient's experience.  



NOX is a connected lamp that enlightens your beloved one's home with your presence even when you are thousands of miles away from home. It's connected to WiFi. When you get closer to the lamp, it shines brighter to lighten up the mood. Besides, the sensors inside the lamp will transpose your movements into rotative mechanisms in the other lamp, like a beating heart.  

NOX是一盏特别的灯,当你离家里数千里之外时,它能让你心爱的人感受到你的存在。他能连接到wifi,每当你靠近灯时,它的灯光会更亮,让你的心情变得更美好。除此之外,里面的传感器能​​把你的每个动作转换成灯光闪烁图案, 就像心跳一样。


Tengo is an automated game equipment renting machine, that encourages leisure time outside with real people. It offers the game equipment that you want at the place where you need it the most. Select the game, open the box, play. 



Tolbi is a connected object that optimizes irrigation water supply. Today, farmers lose 50 to 80% of their irrigation water every day due to a lack of control over the real water needs of plants. This increases vitamin leaching from soils, excess water and high costs. Tengo offers a precision irrigating solution - it allows the producer to provide the plant with the exact amount of water it needs.

Tolbi是一个优化灌溉供水的设备。如今,由于缺乏对植物真实用水需求的控制,农民们每天都会浪费50%至80%的灌溉用水。这不但增加了土壤肥力流失的速率,过量的用水也会带来更高的成本。 Tengo提供精确的灌溉解决方案 - 它能让种植者为工厂提供所需的确切水量


Heptabox is a connected pill dispenser that aims to improve medication intake. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, 50% of patients have a poor medication intake and this is the main reason why a medical treatment does not work. Here is where Heptabox comes in the help!



Kneet is a smart rehab garment. It features discreet integration, making it easy to carry around. The magnetic setup makes it easy to set up without any hassles. And the live preview function makes it possible for a user and a physiotherapist to go through the rehabilitation process together. 


Welcome to x.factory & join the CHIC demo session on July 17th evening. You can learn about how CHIC works, the story and inspiration behind the products, as well as their experience of developing their initial idea to a solid project. What's more, you will be able to see the actual products working and interact with them! 


Event Info 

Time: 19:30 ~ 21:30, July 17th (Wednesday), 2019

Location: Chaihuo x.factory, B608, Design Commune, Vanke Cloud City, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Signup: Click "Read More" to sign up.

时间: 19:30 ~ 21:30, 7月17日 (星期三), 2019

地点: Chaihuo x.factory, B608, Design Commune, Vanke Cloud City, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区打石二路万科云设计公社B608柴火创客空间


 #About CHIC 

China Hardware Innovation Camp (CHIC) is an academic-industry cooperation program curated by EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne). It offers a unique opportunity for students to experience the steps from idea to prototype of product innovation in team-work, cross-culture environment, to solve real-world challenges. CHIC represents an interdisciplinary approach, combining knowledge and practical elements of engineering, design, and business. It therefore offers a great learning possibility for students keen to push the boundaries of their disciplinaries. CHIC features Swiss-China cooperation in many perspectives. It has been a model of academic-industry & cross-culture collaboration. 

中国硬件创新营(CHIC)是由洛桑联邦理工学院发起的学术产业合作项目。它为学生提供了一个独特的机会,让他们能够体验从团队合作,跨文化环境中的产品创新的想法到原型的步骤,以解决现实世界的挑战。 CHIC旨在于对跨学科创新教学方法的探讨,结合了工程,设计和商业的知识和实践要素。因此,它为渴望突破学科界限的学生提供了很好的学习机会。CHIC在许多方面都涉及中瑞两国合作,是产学研和跨文化合作的典范。

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